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F. Lima history

  1. 1917 - 1947

    Constituted in Porto in 1917, F. Lima develops until 1947 the trading company activity and distributor of products, mainly in the north of the country.

    Until 1947 he was distributing agent - in the north - Gillette (cutters and shaving brushes), the Wander (Ovaltine and toothpaste Mexil), E. Griffits Haughes (Rennie tablets, salts Kruchen, Wex fruit salts) and Royal (tires).

    F.lima History 1917 - 1947
    F.lima History 1917 - 1947
    F.lima History 1917 - 1947
  2. 1948 - 1967

    In 1948, F. Lima is named "representative in Portugal" for Gillette and E.Griffits Haughes.

    This year, the company extends its activities to the center and south of the country, opens a branch in Lisbon and two years later, in 1950, extends its facilities with the rental of a warehouse in the street D. João V (nearby Largo do Rato). Also in 1950, F. Lima would be hired as a representative and distributor of Yardley (soaps and perfumes), Halex (ping - pong balls), e Michel (lipsticks).

    Extends its activities to the Azores and Madeira, naming as its agents in Funchal Leonel P. Cunha and Açoreana Society offices in Ponta Delgada.

    In 1959, F. Lima takes the representations of Johnson & Johnson (hygiene products for baby), Kotex (sanitary napkins) and Tek (toothbrushes). At that time, begins the manufacture (in Santa Clara Factory) products represented by F. Lima.

    In 1961 receives the representation of Fay and Meteor (products processed paper) and a year later, another important representation is granted: the Olivin GMBH (deodorants, depilatory lotion and shaving).

    In 1966, to replace the Gillette which however had created their own organization, F. Lima launches the Personna International, a subsidiary of Philips Morris (blades, razors and shaving brushes).

    F.lima History 1948 - 1967
    F.lima History 1948 - 1967
  3. 1968 - 1995

    In 1968, coinciding with the release of Serena dressings, the activities of the company consolidated in Africa by creating two firms would work until 1975 as distributors of products F. Lima in Angola and Mozambique: the Cosmex in Luanda and Cosmex in Lourenço Marques.

    At the end of 1968 is to Primobela - Society of Manufacturing and Beauty Products Distribution SA, is giving the start of building the plant. The following year, a good part of Primobela area is used for storage of other beauty products represented by F.Lima: Max Factor.

    In 1990, it purchased and integrated into the Group F.LIMA Belmarca Lda., established in 1978, is a company dedicated to the distribution and marketing of household care products (mothballs and toilet blocks).

    In August 1992, the Group F.Lima acquired two trademarks of SOCINCA company (Novycera and Splendor), which began to be manufactured in Primobela, S.A.

    The company Belmarca is however emptied of its logistical importance, having been their batches transferred to 100% for Primobela and most of its products are distributed directly by F. Lima, except for the SA-NI brand, whose distribution is performed our competitor greases and waxes, M. Marouço, Lda.

    F.lima History 1968 - 1995
  4. 1995 - the beginning of a new era

    F. Lima starts to produce and supply products under the brands of client organizations - "distribution brands" as opposed to "trademarks of the manufacturers".

    In October 1995, F. Lima Group changes its legal identity, giving rise to a single company, F. Lima S.A.. This amendment of statutes fundamentally fulfilled modernization objectives and rationalization of structures.

    In February 1996, F. Lima inaugurates a new stage of its development, making their entry in the food sector, through the acquisition of Janota and Catita brands. It is primarily traded spices in the traditional sector, which is to say with immense growth potential, both in terms of the product or the market level. Another door opens. . .

  5. 1997 - a new energy

    In September 1997, F. Lima begins to distribute the brands of batteries and flashlights Energizer, Tudor and Magnum, reinforcing its image of an aggressive Portuguese company, competent and solid.

    F.lima History 1997 - a new energy
  6. 1998 - a new business area

    Through Ralston-Energizer, F. Lima enters the “petfoods”, reintroducing in the Portuguese market the brand Purina, specializes in food for dogs and cats.

    F.lima History 1998 - uma nova área de negócio
  7. 1999 - new leading brands in F. Lima

    F. Lima acquires from Reckitt & Colman the propriety of the brands Savora e Paladin. With these brands, F. Lima reinforces its food and passes to lead the market of mustards. With the Savora brand, F. Lima also gains a presence in sauces and mayonnaises market.

  8. 2000 - F. Lima enters another new area

    Responding to the great evolution that the market of dietary and healthy food records, F. Lima acquires Diese, the brand with the highest reputation in this market.

    With this brand, F. Lima opens another sector of activity, positioning itself in a market that all studies reveal with major trends for future growth, becoming considered a reference company.

  9. 2001/02: F. Lima bets on its brands

    As a result of the new strategy developed, F. Lima seriously bet on development and expansion of its brands Janota, Diese, Second and more recently NOVYCERA, starting this process with the review of the WC PATO brand. Relaunched the fully renovated in terms of image and concepts, as well as according to market trends and added them new references.

    F. Lima, in agreement with the Represented brands, ceased marketing Sensodyne and Polident (whose representation had been initiated in January 1999), Energizer, Tudor and Loctite (distribution made by F. Lima since 1995). Note that Sensodyne has reached in Portugal and due to the work done by F. Lima, market share level that rose to 1st place in the brand ranking in Europe.

    F.lima History 2001/02: F. Lima bets on its brands
    F.lima History 2001/02: F. Lima bets on its brands
  10. 2003/2011 - growth and affirmation in the market

    The company F. Lima, owing to the strategic options identified for the years indicated, is appealing to a sustained growth that keeps abreast with the economic growth of the country and extends until early 2012.

  11. 2012/2014 - market crisis and restructuring

    When in the beginning of 2012 to F. Lima finds itself, against its will, stripped from distributing the brand WC Pato that, by itself, represented about 32% of its turnover, it is faced with an entirely new situation, not only due to this loss, but also effect the significant drop in consumption and the widespread economic crisis, in addition to negotiating behavior on the part of its main customers, who adopted negotiating positions of intransigence with direct effects on product margins and profitability company.

    Faced with this totally new reality was to adopt measures to contain and reduce costs also striking and new to the company that lasted until the end of 2013, involving, inter alia, adjustments in the number of its employees (including through a process of collective redundancies) and restructuring services in order to better respond to the new demands of the market sector in which the company operates.

    In this particular deserves a mention apart the role of renewal, which had already been prepared at the level of the company's own board of directors, the progressive participation and increasingly active of a fourth generation of the Lima family - in Rui person Miguel Lima - in their plans and strategy and had fully achieved already this year with the creation of the Directorate General of function assumed in full by that member of the Lima family.

  12. 2014-2015 - new releases and new facilities

    After restructuring, and to realize that the market is undergoing changes in trends and consumer demands, F. Lima bets on new product launches one of its main brands, Diese. Starts when a series of new releases extremely important for the company, which quickly came to the forefront of the selection of Portuguese and some foreign markets through strong focus on exports.

    The releases also started up at the end of 2014 with the Fit Kid, cereal bars designed especially for children. Followed thus, respectively, the seeds from Diese, a line of natural seeds, Wafers, designed especially for sportsmen, with high protein content and finally the TEF flour, flour this that will appeal to a healthier lifestyle It is a meal that has gluten.

    Before closing the year 2015 F. Lima still have an important event to change the facilities of its offices that remained in the same location since 2001. This change has brought a new image to the company, demonstrating the beginning of a new direction a new strategy ... a new generation!

    F.lima History 2014-2015 - new releases and new facilities
  13. 2016 - Today

    Today, F. Lima S.A. has more than 50 employees, distributed by Production, Logistics, Sales and Marketing and Financial / Administrative. Its portfolio is very broad and heterogeneous and comprises products Food area and Cleaning Plain, through treatment sector and plants and insecticides food.

    It is with pride that is present in markets where competition are multinational companies and many of the hallmarks of F. Lima are market leaders or occupy positions summit.

    They are covered about 15 thousand stores, including Cash & Carries, Traditional Wholesalers, Hypermarkets, Supermarkets, Grocery, Plant Shops, DIY and Hardware Stores, Drugstores and Tobacconists.

    All employees work in only one direction: making a reality the big goal.

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Mass Market

It is in the mass market channel that F.Lima products have greater presence, it is this channel that the company has been developing its know-how since the creation of the same, that is, for almost 100 years.

Being so we mark a strong presence in large distribution, commonly known as hypermarkets, supermarkets, convenience stores, discount stores, Cash & Carry, etc.

Brands F. Lima, as Savora, Diese, Novycera or Splendor, have functioned as engines of their categories through strong innovation, modernity and dynamics that have allowed the generation of value and extend solutions to a consumer increasingly demanding and informed.

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The relationship F. Lima and its brands with all the professionals is, above all, reliable! That is our plan .... We want to help, support and promote the success of our trading partners.

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